Canine Nutrition - Where to start?

There are very few topics that will bring a group of dog lovers to rampant argument as quickly as the topic of food. I think, essentially, it comes down to....we all care about our dogs. And if someone disagrees with our personal food philosophy, then they're casting doubt on the quality of care that we're giving our pets.

I've got my own personal favorite foods that work well for me, and my dogs. Yours may differ. My personal caution would be to stay away from foods high in corn - this is a major allergen for many dogs, and only acts as a filler in dog food. Whatever path you choose, I hope this information is helpful.

Here is a great link on reading dog food labels.

Dog Food Comparison Sites

Wolfpak Dobermans is the home of the site listed above, as well as some great dog food comparison charts.
Another good site has comparisons for many popular brands.
Flint River Ranch compares their food to other brands.

Links to Manufacturer Sites

Natura Pet - makers of Innova and California Natural
Canidae - makers of Canidae dry and canned
Old Mother Hubbard - makers of Wellness and many treats - Wellness Fish and Sweet Potato is great for dogs with food allergies!

Whole Dog Journal does regular reviews of dog foods, both dry and canned.

What's this BARF thing?

The BARF diet features completely a raw, biologically appropriate diet for dogs. WARNING: Don't attempt to "make up" your own diet without some research. Dogs are not people, and don't have the same dietary needs that we do.

BARF for beginners is a great site that answers many of the common questions that occurred to people considering BARF.
BARF Dog Food is another site with good info, and there's a webring to other BARF sites.

There are also many books on BARF, the how's and why's - Billinghurst, Schultze, and Pitcairn are a few of the authors to look for.

Enough serious stuff - how about TREATS?

I make my own dog treats on a regular basis. Not only is it cheaper, and preservative free, you can completely customize the selection for your dog. Got a dog allergic to corn? Choose the recipes that omit cornmeal. Got a dog that gets gas from beef? Substitute chicken or lamb in your treats. Below are some of my favorites:

Newf Goodies Dog Treats
Good Dog Express Recipes
Dog Biscuit Recipes - also has some wheat-free recipes!