Grooming - how to get your pup looks his best!!

Note: I'm not a groomer, nor do I play one on TV. My goal is clean, no matts, and reasonably respectable. These pages are for those with higher inspirations!

A small plug - the best shampoo I've ever found is Duurstede. It's available from It requires a VERY small amount for use, and leaves dogs clean, easy to brush, and much more resistant to dirt.

Here is a nice grooming site, general to all breeds of dogs. If you want to know the basics for any dog, start there.

What's your breed?

Goldens - Joanne Lastoka's complete golden grooming tutorials are beyond wonderful. Complete with pictures - even I can do respectable golden feet with these directions. Use the drop down navigation window on the main page to find the tutorials.

Schnauzers - "Show" schnauzers are generally hand-stripped. In my opinion, that method is for Crazy People. This page will get you started with basic clipping directions.

Bichons - Bichons aren't seen terribly often in our area for rescue, but this is a nice basic page.

Shih tzus - This is a good basic page. Another shih tzu page, with info that's relevant to lots of different small dogs, is here.

Poodles - Very basic info. If you're "into" poodles, there appear to be lots of video resources.

Have another breed you'd like to see, or a link for me to add? Drop a note to Lisa!.